The aluminium castings we produce are used in a variety of industries such as construction, electronics, energy and automotive. We produce components for machinery and equipment, building hardware, bicycle parts and other components according to the standards and technological parameters set by our customers.

We cooperate with production facilities in Poland and Europe.

About the company

KADALT Metal Foundry was established in 1990 in Bytów in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.  Initially, it produced aluminium handles, brass handles and steel products. Keeping constant development in mind, the range of products manufactured was gradually expanded while the quality of the castings was improved.

KADALT's current core business is the production of aluminium castings, as well as zinc alloy (ZnAl).

The aluminium castings we produce are made:

  • in sand moulds,
  • in metal moulds cast by gravity,
  • in pressure moulds,


Metal foundry

The production of aluminium castings is the company's core business.


We make castings using three technologies:

1 Pressure die castings

  • We make on machines with a cold horizontal press chamber (160-550 t)
  • The workstations are equipped with heating and cooling devices to stabilise the temperature of the pressure mould and with pouring and spraying devices 
  • Maximum mould weight is approx.

2 Permanent mould castings

  • Are made using manual and hydraulic mould casting machines.
  • Maximum weight of a casting is approx. 20 kg

3 Sand mould castings

  • Are made manually from bentonite pulp and specialised moulding material. 
  • The moulding material is prepared in a sand muller.
  • Cores are made manually from masses based on self-hardening furan resins and from masses hardened by Co2.
  • The maximum weight of the casting must not exceed 50 kg.

We work with companies operating under the ISO 9001: 2015
We provide professional advice on the selection of casting technology. 
We guarantee high quality of our services and competitive price


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